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ATTUNE have noticed on several occasions that control systems, be it commercial or residential, and AV solutions are often left until last minute or as an afterthought once designs are finalised and construction has started. This approach can often lead to increased construction costs and unnecessary value engineering to help cover the costs.   Specalist areas require specalist design. Functions, such as lighting design and kitchen design, are...

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Attune Drax News

ATTUNE is excited to announce that we are partnering up with Drax Technology. We’ve seen their AMX alarm management software in action in the UK and are thrilled to be bringing it to the UAE.   Powerful Alarm Managment! This revolutionary fire alarm management software enables users to take full and direct control of all connected alarm systems. With an advanced graphical interface, the powerful AMX software has evolved...

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Attune Critical Arc News

ATTUNE are extremely excited to be working with the team at Critical Arc. After spending the last few weeks with their experts, Attune are now the number one provider of this powerful, game-changing solution in the UAE.   Manage Safety and security operations the easy way! The command and control solution SafeZone helps ensure the fastest possible emergency and safety support for any organisation by providing easy, direct...

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