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 Here at ATTUNE, we believe home automation should be affordable and straightforward. We also think it should look amazing and not interfere with your existing design. That’s why we offer a complete smart home solution including design, supply, installation, configuration and maintenance. 

Lighting - Home Automation Page

Advanced Lighting Control

Lighting affects not just what you can see, but also how you feel. Combine different light sources with varying light intensities and colours to create unique lighting moods with endless possibilities. All lights can be addressed independently for the highest level of light control and creativity. 

Smart Switches

Control your lighting, blinds, music and more – all with a gentle touch. These sleek, and elegantly designed units also contain humidity and temperature sensors allowing you to embrace automated living and making sure each room is always at the desired temperature.

Switches - Home Automation Page
HVAC - Home Automation Page

 Integrating Heating, Ventilation & Air-Con

Imagine a home that maintains your ideal indoor climate around the clock all by itself. How is this possible?  Our smart heating and cooling solutions know when and how to adjust the temperature and air quality without even needing a thermostat. With true automation residents are free of any thoughts or actions to change the temperature when they leave their house or go to sleep at night – saving money without even trying.

Shading Control

We can automate your blinds and shading to coordinate with the sun, this means cost-effective cooling and heating. At dusk, the blinds will know to lower for privacy in your home. At dawn, you blinds can rise slowly and be coordinated with your morning routines. Smart blinds offer a new sense of comfort in homes and commercial buildings of all types.

Shading Control - Home Automation Page
Indoor Positioning - Home Automation Page

Indoor Positioning

With indoor positioning installed, your home automation system knows exactly where you are in the house and seamlessly adjusts the temperature, lighting, and audio to your exact requirements. In addition we can set up a geo zone around your propery, meaning when you approach your home will prepare for your arrival and welcome you to a personalised environment. Game changer!

Multi-room Audio

Gone are the days of a CD player in the bedroom, a radio in the kitchen and a sound system in the living room. Your music can now follow you from one room to another, or you can have completely different audio in different rooms without needing different devices. Our multi-room audio system removes the limitations on how you used to experience audio from room to room.

Multiroom Audio - Home Automation Page
Video Distribution - Home Automation Page

Video Distribution

We offer the highest specification of AV standards available, allowing you to enjoy the latest 4K/UHD content with high quality audio formats such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. This delivers the most immersive audio visual experience available throughout your entire home.

Security (Alarms, Access Control, Fire & CCTV)

Our advanced security systems go above and beyond when it comes to protecting your home. In any case of an intruder, fire or water leak the building will know to activate a four-phase smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification then audible alarm followed by a visual alarm. This combined with CCTV and state of the art access control will give you complete peace of mind and full protection for you and your family.

Security - Home Automation Page
Swimming Pool Control - Home Automation Page

Swimming Pool Automation

Enjoy an intelligent, carefree swimming pool! We make it possible to integrate your pool into your home control. Our system can monitor the pool cover, heat and cool the pool, take care of ph/chlorine values, activate lighting and much more.

Solar and Energy Management

With our smart home solutions your home will always maintain your comfort temperature in the most efficient way possible. Also, with an energy monitor you can view your home’s current electricity consumption as well as energy production. This is especially helpful when you have a photovoltaic system. You can use the electricity you produce to fill your hot water tank or activate the pool’s filter pump free of charge.

Solar2 - Home Automation page
Wifi2 - Home automation Page

Wi-Fi Distribution

We only use the latest Wi-Fi distribution methods available. We can provide a mesh based system of units to achieve seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. and eliminate weak signal areas once and for all.

Centrally Managed, Easily Controlled and Intelligently automated; A home automation solution from Attune will not only bring you comfort, control, convenience and peace of mind but improved safety and significant cost savings on utilities.

Where we do it

Design & Consult

Working with Attune from the design stage can save time, money and stress, giving the end client the result they desire.

Supply & Install

We can offer systems and solutions from a wide range of options designed to meet a variety of scenarios and budgets.

Test & Commission

Our experienced team will test and document all aspects of your installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


We provide regular maintenance services on all of our control systems, automation systems, and software solutions.

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