Our flexible AV solutions are suitable for a variety of applications, both permanent and temporary installations of any size.  With our vast experience in the light and sound sector we pride ourselves on providing high quality components to create a complete system to meet any requirements.

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Audio Equipment and Sound Systems

With over 20 years experience and almost an unlimited amount of options available, we can design a sound system of any size for your venue, giving the flexibility you require. From simple background music to a full nightclub setup and incorporation of DJ equipment, karaoke, bands and more. We can tailor a system to suit any need or budget. Some of the core brands we use are Void Acoustics, JBL, QSC, and Martin Audio but to name a few.

Event, Stage and Entertainment Lighting

We can provide a full lighting solution for any event, stage or entertainment venue. This can include moving heads, scanners, lasers, colour washes, gobo projection, kinetic lighting packages and more. We also provide a control system to manage your lighting, from simple automated control to hands on control in a main room. Create an immersive feel to any event, dance floor or nightclub and provide an unforgettable experience for guests.

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LED Videowall - Commercial AV Page

LED Video Walls

LED Video walls can be used for many applications both temporary and permanent. From retail advertising to outdoor events, sports events, product launches, and to create stunning visual effects in nightclubs and entertainment venues. With so many options available we can provide a solution to match any application and budget. We can also provide maintenance, and replacement parts for fixed installations.

Video Distribution

Whether it’s an office building, sports bar, stadium, or nightclub we can build a video distribution system of networked AV devices that is scalable, reliable, economical, and easily controllable. HD over IP products can distribute multiple sources to hundreds of screens, create stunning video walls and combine multiple video feeds onto a single screen.

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Video Projection Mapping - Commercial AV Page

Video Projection Mapping

Ground breaking new visual effects can be produced by incorporating video mapping into your event or venue. We can create stunning lighting and video shows directly linked to the unique architecture of your venue. Eye-catching visual content can be specially designed to match indoor or outdoor architecture and is perfect for bars, nightclubs, hotels, retail outlets and more. The great flexibility of this system also allows it to be used for advertising and promotion on top of being a great visual focal point.

Acoustic Treatments

Entertainment venues often have large volume and excessive sound reverberation. The result is poor speech and music clarity. Our acoustic designer will help you determine your existing reverb time, how much additional absorption you need to add and where material is placed based on your existing design and acoustic requirement. All materials recommended can be locally sourced and our designs can be tailored to suit any budget.

Acoustics - Commercial AV

Each AV project is unique, with specific requirements to meet the needs and environment of the installation. We, therefore, source equipment from a selection of international distributors and manufacturers that best match the situation and ensure full compatibility.

Where we do it

Design & Consult

Working with Attune from the design stage can save time, money and stress, giving the end client the result they desire.

Supply & Install

We can offer systems and solutions from a wide range of options designed to meet a variety of scenarios and budgets.

Test & Commission

Our experienced team will test and document all aspects of your installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


We provide regular maintenance services on all of our control systems, automation systems, and software solutions.

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