Hospitals and medical facilities can be confusing and daunting for some visitors; maintaining comfort and stress levels in these environments are essential. Use building control systems to enhance the mood and comfort levels, and our indoor positioning solutions to make navigating the services and facilities quicker, more comfortable and stress-free.

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Building Control

Fully integrated lighting, HVAC, and shading controls for all private offices, clinics, treatment rooms and communal areas.


Command & Control

Human-centric safety systems to help efficiently monitor and manage your building, staff, and visitor’s safety.


Indoor Positioning

The latest IPS solutions to assist people in finding their location and navigating around the facility quickly and easily, helping to maintain efficient appointment timings when patients arrive in the correct area on time.


Audio / Visual

Zonal background audio, localised within treatment areas, can drastically improve the staff and patients well-being.

Combine background audio with digital signage (screens or video walls) to enhance the visitor experience.

What we do – Solutions

Design & Consult

Working with Attune from the design stage can save time, money and stress, giving the end client the result they desire.

Supply & Install

We can offer systems and solutions from a wide range of options designed to meet a variety of scenarios and budgets.

Test & Commission

Our experienced team will test and document all aspects of your installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


We provide regular maintenance services on all of our control systems, automation systems, and software solutions.

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