ATTUNE offer a multifaceted solution for building control; from simple lighting control to fully automated smart office systems. Where applicable, we ensure all elements are integrated, easy to manage, future proof and simple to use.

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Lighting  Control

Lighting affects not just what you can see, but also how you feel. Office lighting can be tailored to boost office productivity. With the right balance of bright & cool lighting, you can better support employees’ energy and focus.


For example, you can set preferred light levels throughout the day, control entire office floors or individual areas with simple smart switches and a smartphone app. Lighting can be efficiently controlled so no energy is wasted. If no one is in a room or if there is already sufficient natural light, the system knows to turn off or reduce lighting in that area.

Shading  Control

Sunlight energises the workplace, but can also decrease productivity with glare and over-heating spaces. An automated shading solution allows you to influence daylight in commercial spaces to optimise comfort and lower energy costs. HVAC and lighting systems can also be synchronised throughout the day for additional comfort and cost savings. 

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Keep rooms and costs at a comfortable level by automating and integrating cooling, heating, and air distribution into your smart office. Thanks to the exact measurement of air quality and temperature we can help reliably and automatically maintain a pleasant, healthy working environment that will be automatically taken care of with minimal energy consumption in mind.

Conference Room Systems

We can create bespoke conference rooms with networked AV, speakers, microphones, displays, collaboration systems, web conferencing and more. Content from in-room sources, visiting devices or anywhere on the network can be shared without complications. Transform your environment and empower your team to work smarter and more efficiently with the latest conference room technology.

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Access Control & Security

Various means of access control are available in today’s market and we can supply many of these, but for ultimate control and significant cost savings why not have one that links directly to your smart office system. Employees can use an NFC key fob or even just tap their phone to get access. Create and manage permissions right on the smartphone app and know who is accessing the office at any time.


This can also be linked to an intruder alarm. When the first employee enters the building using the key fob, the system deactivates, knowing that the work day has started. If the system happens to detect an intruder outside of office hours, the alarm will be triggered in a sequence, along with smartphone notifications to management members. Inside the building alarms will be activated, lights will flash and blinds will open fully.

Visualised Fire Alarm Management

Alarm management software enables users to take full and direct control of all connected alarm systems. With an advanced graphical interface you can visualise any alarm system and monitor activation’s from any internet-enabled device including laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Also the system allows you to send evacuation notifications to employees or fault notifications to maintenance teams. Increasing safety, enhancing system management, speeding up repairs and reducing maintenance costs.

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Audio and Visual Distribution

We offer the highest specification of AV standards available, allowing you to display 4K/UHD content and distribute high quality audio throughout your office areas. We can build a video distribution system of networked AV devices that is scalable, reliable, economical, and easily controllable. Incorperate digital signage, distribute multiple sources to hundreds of screens, create stunning video walls and combine multiple video feeds onto a single screen. With an integrated multi room audio system you can choose to play music from specially made playlists, various radio stations or from streaming services as well as make text to speech announcements throughout the building.

Design & Consult

Working with Attune from the design stage can save time, money and stress, giving the end client the result they desire.

Supply & Install

We can offer systems and solutions from a wide range of options designed to meet a variety of scenarios and budgets.

Test & Commission

Our experienced team will test and document all aspects of your installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


We provide regular maintenance services on all of our control systems, automation systems, and software solutions.

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