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Here at ATTUNE we’re conscious about safety, and with our partners at Critical Arc we introduce SafeZone; a unique safety and emergency management application to the UAE


Implemented in over eighty countries worldwide, SafeZone is emergency management software that helps your security teams respond optimally by providing a standard operating view of real-time location resources. It also supports mass communications, enterprise safety protocols, and enables people to quickly summon help with their smartphone wherever you have a duty of care.

Widespread Incidents

  • Visualize your resources by location and function across a large area to quickly respond for optimal outcomes
  • Know the role, location, and availability of each safety officer or fire marshal
  • Send notifications to impacted parties based on geolocation
  • Understand all available resources, so you can notify impacted parties and direct your team to optimize outcomes


High-Risk Situations

  • Locate lone workers in high-risk areas so your team can protect and manage them
  • Set up automatic check-ins for high-risk labs so your security team can oversee employees
  • Allow safety and security managers a view of workers in a variety of high-risk environments both indoor and outdoor


Analysis & Reporting

  • Monitor and modify patrol patterns in real-time with SafeZone live data feeds
  • View historical patrol patterns vs incidents and adjust patrol patterns for optimal coverage
  • Playback any event to reveal the location and availability of resources at each moment
  • Enhance future performance and maintain compliance with your local regulations


By sharing the data across a team and giving the information in real-time, organizations are empowered to proactively and positively impact the outcome of an incident. Being able to visualize where their response team is located based on role and responsibility, and then co-ordinate response for optimal results is a game-changer in the industry.

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