ATTUNE have been working with Securus for more than ten years, helping them reach thousands of schools in the UK. Having extensive knowledge of their product we now want to bring this one of a kind safeguarding solution to the UAE.

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Securus products represent the next generation of online monitoring software and have been specifically developed to make the task of online safeguarding in education environments easier and more accurate than ever before. All of their products feature easy-to-use and highly intuitive user interfaces that will help your establishment rapidly identify potential instances of risk or problematic online activities so that you can respond, safeguard and educate accordingly.


With its comprehensive online safety protection, Securus encourages pupils to think for themselves and take greater responsibility for their actions. Securus plays a fundamental part in building your students’ digital resilience and the result is dramatic improvements in behavioural trend.


ATTUNE can provide you with everything you need to make your establishment the safest environment for all your students and staff.

Design & Consult

Working with Attune from the design stage can save time, money and stress, giving the end client the result they desire.

Supply & Install

We can offer systems and solutions from a wide range of options designed to meet a variety of scenarios and budgets.

Test & Commission

Our experienced team will test and document all aspects of your installation to ensure trouble-free operation.


We provide regular maintenance services on all of our control systems, automation systems, and software solutions.

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